Coast Guard For The Win (VIDEO)

July 12, 2019

What in the name of big dick having, cowabunga it is, gnarly submarine riding, badassery was that shit? I know … continue reading

A New Poll On Iraq And Afghanistan

July 11, 2019

A new poll has a ton of veterans saying neither war was worth it. Even I…now, sitting back looking at … continue reading

Hot Vacation Spot…Chernobyl

July 11, 2019

No, we’re not joking. Chernobyl is set to become an official tourist attraction. Because nothing says enjoy your stay like … continue reading

Iran Fails…Again

July 11, 2019

Less than a week ago the United Kingdom seized an Iranian ship carrying oil to Syria. So what did Iran … continue reading

Just Visit The White House, Ok.

July 10, 2019

Look, just visit the White House, ok. Not everyone is going to like every single president we elect. But when … continue reading

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