Instead of Backlash, A Learning Opportunity

November 22, 2019

Look. Sometimes, people need the outrage culture to get justice. For example, Epstein didn’t kill himself. Right? But in other … continue reading

Videos Of Hong Kongers Boarding Trains Spark Fear

November 22, 2019

Hong Kong, China. If only there were a lesson in the history of the world regarding what happens when citizens … continue reading

Iranian Protests Squashed?

November 21, 2019

Tehran, Iran, it seems at least, well…it’s laughable to believe this, but we’ll go ahead and say what’s being reported. … continue reading

Surprise, Surprise in Syria

November 20, 2019

Did we call this Syria stuff or what!? I mean come on…  Who would have ever thought this would happen, … continue reading

Enough Is Enough

November 20, 2019

Fuck Navy, why can’t you just take the L with dignity? Why, after everything, after the vindictive witch hunt that … continue reading

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