Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers

July 9, 2018

Wait a minute, wait a minute…Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers are doing something really cool together? Yes, yes they … continue reading

Bootleggers: The Heroes We Deserved

May 1, 2018

Crime doesn’t pay. We’ll usually unless you were one of the bootleggers who proved that if you’re not first, your last! … continue reading

Spencer Boyd and Texas Motor Speedway

April 10, 2018

Spencer Boyd pulled through a gritty race this past Saturday that saw teams dropping left and right. Not just three … continue reading

Autonomous Car Woes

March 20, 2018

We’ve been writing on this for a while, the idea of a machine being better than man when it comes … continue reading

Stars Align to Honor Fallen Warrior

March 13, 2018

This world is tricky. There is the realm of what should be and what is. Often those two realms do … continue reading

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