Losing Is Good For You…Sometimes

December 11, 2018

Losing is good for you sometimes, losing in the sense that you’re not doing your best impression of Charlie Sheen … continue reading

Best MREs Ever

December 10, 2018

You are free to disagree. This is a free nation and people disagree and are wrong all the time, you … continue reading

The Best Christmas I Never Had

December 10, 2018

Christmas, December 2005. Ramadi was actually a little bit cold. I know everyone in CONUS thinks that Iraq is the … continue reading

Dear Calvin Project

November 13, 2018

Stories. Sitting around campfires from the beginning of time warriors have shared their stories with one another. Young men talk … continue reading

Blank Check

November 7, 2018

You signed up, you were willing to go…at some point we realized that some of us may not come home. … continue reading

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