Don’t Mess with Texans, they shoot back

December 30, 2019

How many times does the lesson need to be learned?  You do not attempt a mass shooting in Texas, especially … continue reading

Street Grit: Center for the Intrepid Air Rifle Competition

December 23, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, Street Grit went out to the Center for the Intrepid Air Rifle shooting competition, held … continue reading

Alaska HS is a (meat) cut above the rest

December 15, 2019

When you think of Alaska, you probably don’t realize up to 70% of the state is completely uninhabited, except of … continue reading

My love affair with the AR-15

December 9, 2019

With the debate raging across the land about whether we should even be allowed to own them, I have been … continue reading

Another Red Flag Law Gaff

November 14, 2019

Man, let us tell you this. Gun grabbers are literally the worst. They will literally stop at nothing to ensure … continue reading

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