Rex Vs. Wrex

Rex Vs. Wrex: Christmas Decorating

December 9, 2017

Finally, it looks like our two feuding dinosaurs have finally reached some sort of truce. The holiday season brings out … continue reading

Rex vs. Wrex: Shenanigans

December 8, 2017

This week the shenanigans of Rex and Wrex continue, but this time, oh man, guys this time they are really … continue reading

Rex Vs. Wrex: Fight

December 7, 2017

They’re at it again. Rex is surely trying to pick a fight with Wrex. Everything from stealing his keyboard to … continue reading

Rex vs. Wrex: Top Secret

December 6, 2017

Oh Rex and Wrex, when will you learn that Top Secret, means do not enter? Especially when you two are … continue reading

Rex Vs. Wrex: Shootout

December 5, 2017

This week Rex and Wrex invite Team Glock shooter Shane Coley to partake in the office tom-foolery. Everyone make sure … continue reading