China Offers Help

September 20, 2019

In a rare move by Beijing, one they undoubtedly hope will bring an end to the trade war and rising … continue reading

Area 51 Chronicles: The Eve of Battle

September 19, 2019

Ominous music plays as the scene opens up with various miscreants and ner do wells congregated at a small skeezy … continue reading

Ammo Companies To Hire Gun Grabbers To Help Design Future Ammo

September 17, 2019

If you listen to any gun grabber lately, chances are you’ve heard some of their descriptions of the ammunition used … continue reading

Architects of War on Drugs and Prohibition Assure Politicians Nothing Will Go Wrong With Gun Ban

September 12, 2019

With politicians set to vote on several gun control initiatives in the coming weeks, the architect of former policies like … continue reading

Man Who Surrenders Weapon To Police Shocked!!

September 3, 2019

Self-proclaimed gun guy, Billy Smith has had enough with the mass shootings here in the United States. He told AG … continue reading

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