Bullet Ricochet hits Shooter in the Eye

May 19, 2017

Safety first people! It may just save your life.  In this video, we see some target practice from a GoPro.  … continue reading

Former SEAL Explains Benefits of Cold Showers

May 16, 2017
SEAL, cold shower

We have all been told what the benefits of a cold shower are right? Without a doubt, it will wake … continue reading

Fireball Friday: Feeding Your Explosive Video Fix

May 12, 2017
nuclear test, friday explosions, bomb video

We love explosions, almost as much as we love Fridays. I get it. It’s natural. So, I decided to combine the … continue reading

Sexy Military Logistics: A Comparison of the 3 Global Superpowers

May 11, 2017
C-5M super galaxy, military logistics, transporting helicopter

If you were looking for pictures of scantily clad women blasting 50 caliber armaments, then you stumbled on the wrong … continue reading

Although She’s “Unarmed,” Tish Can Shoot!

May 11, 2017

There are so many factors that go into perfecting your aim, especially with rifles. But, every once in a while, … continue reading

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