Green Beret to be awarded Medal of Honor

October 11, 2019

Take yourself back to April 6, 2008.  What were you doing?  Was it memorable? Now, was it Medal of Honor … continue reading

Why are people not allowed to be polite!?

October 10, 2019

By now, you have probably seen all of the social media drama about Ellen Degeneres sitting next to former President … continue reading

NBA-The No Balls Association

October 10, 2019

Yeah, we said it. So what? Steph Curry, or Lebron James gonna come to my house and give me a … continue reading

A Day in The Life

October 10, 2019

His eyes cracked open with the ring of his alarm. He lay there, motionless in bed as it blared on. … continue reading

Show of … support? Multiple U.S. cities raise Chinese flag

October 9, 2019

San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia.  Three cities in three different states.  All of them raised the Chinese flag around Oct. 1st, … continue reading

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