Justice For Cyntoia Brown

August 7, 2019

First off, she shouldn’t have ever been jailed in the first place. Johnny Allen was shot dead by Cyntoia Brown … continue reading

Purple Heart Day

August 6, 2019

War creates wounds of many types. For some they are unseen. For some, their wounds are an ever-present physical reminder … continue reading

How Red Flag Laws Will Actually Be Used

August 6, 2019

Red Flag laws…they sounded good on the surface, and when I initially heard the idea, I was like “This is … continue reading

Better Not Advocate For Freedom and Democracy

August 6, 2019

At least that’s the message mainland China is giving to Hong Kong amidst the strike that has plunged the entire … continue reading

Drug Cartels In Mexico Applaud Decision To Sue The United States

August 5, 2019

Merely hours after Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard stated that Mexico would be pursuing legal action against the United States for … continue reading

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