China Rushes to Build Nuclear Aircraft Carriers

February 11, 2019

China is looking to get them all by 2035…Obviously one cannot simply shit out an aircraft carrier with a nuclear … continue reading

China’s Military Rushes to Incorporate AI, It Will Definitely Kill Them All

February 8, 2019

China is fast-tracking AI technology to it’s military… and we’re not sure why…Wasn’t our greatest export for a while Hollywood or … continue reading

If You’re Not Training To Kill…

February 8, 2019

You’re training to fail. Harsh right? F***in right it is. The ability to kill someone usually is. When it comes … continue reading

Venezuelan Military Releases Video To Intimidate United States Marines

February 7, 2019
kill boner

When the United States Marine Corps saw the video at first they were shocked. But then as the video was … continue reading

Was It Even That Great of A Treaty

February 7, 2019

We know it was a hallmark victory of peaceful negotiation during the Cold War. “Look, everyone, these two guys who … continue reading

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