Must Be Cool To Be A Bad Lawyer In The Navy

July 31, 2019

Maybe…just maybe…this explains why all those douche canoes in my unit got NAMs…just kidding. But for real, how does it … continue reading

Oh North Korea

July 31, 2019

Launching short-range ballistic missiles like a jealous ex-girlfriend lobbing insults just to get the attention they so desperately crave. We … continue reading

FFS It’s Dodgeball

July 30, 2019

As the late great Patches O’Houlihan said; “Remember, dodgeball is a sport of violence, exclusion and degradation. So, when you’re … continue reading

Marines To Get Punished For Getting Caught, Not Smuggling

July 30, 2019
getting caught

If there is one thing the United States Marine Corps cannot stand it’s being shitty at your job. Whatever your … continue reading

CA Judge Rules Semi-Automatic Rifles Not Protected By 2nd Amendment, Who’s Surprised?

July 30, 2019

Honestly, who’s surprised? If you raise your hand, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to California for the last 30 … continue reading

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