Captured War Dog, Colonel, Fights Back

February 7, 2019

Many of you have been seeing the story of the Belgian Malinois, known as Colonel, who was captured by Taliban … continue reading

The Future Is Now

February 6, 2019

If we don’t start adding bat shit crazy ass weaponry to any and all prosthesis coming out and upgrades of … continue reading

If You Take Photos of Military Bases

February 6, 2019

You’re going to have a bad time. If you’re of nationality, that has a history of sending students to spy … continue reading

Good Men Are Scary…That’s A Good Thing

February 6, 2019

A good man should be a scary mofo, at least when he needs to be. Say, for instance, your wife … continue reading

Moving On and Moving Forward

February 5, 2019

Many of us GWOT veterans look back with both sadness and with joy at the things we were able to … continue reading

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