Some Bullshit in Indiana

June 6, 2019

Kids can be cruel. They don’t know any better. Their brains aren’t fully formed with the same type of cognitive … continue reading

China and Russia BFFs

June 6, 2019

No shit. We obviously have some obligation to report on the news, but this…we’re just going to use this as … continue reading

Diet Soviet Union, Assholes As Always

June 6, 2019

So amidst the fact that the Russians (a.k.a Diet Soviet Union), despite the fact that they should be ashamed of … continue reading

D-Day: June 6th, 1944

June 5, 2019

D-Day: June 6th, 1944. From Utah to Sword the greatest undertaking of mankind was met with furious gunfire and enormous … continue reading

Broward County Sheriffs Deputies Arrested

June 4, 2019

Gunfights are scary shit. Nobody would dispute that. It’s still their job. I know, I know, the SCOTUS ruled that … continue reading

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