Day 3- Allies vs “allies” and no one is winning

October 11, 2019

We are now entering day 3 of Turkey advancing into Syria.  Both sides are experiencing costly losses and still, the … continue reading

Official Report from China: Everything Is Fine

October 14, 2019

While many people are concerned about what is happening in the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese government in their infinite … continue reading

Carrier Battle Group Sad China Won’t Try To Censor Them

October 11, 2019

Somewhere in the South China Sea…the USS Ronald Reagan is conducting freedom of navigation exercises to and fro, wherever they … continue reading

Reaction To Greta Thunberg Not Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

October 11, 2019

Shocked. Purely shocked and dismayed and appalled and disgusted and utterly shameful, that it took this long for everyone to … continue reading

Hard to Sympathize With Iran

October 11, 2019

Every single act of terror should be condemned. Now. That being said, it’s hard to sympathize with Iran as one … continue reading

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