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Hero police officer rescues passenger from burning car moments before it explodes

Other officers on the scene described the heat from the fire “unbearable” even from 50 feet away. But that didn’t stop Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney from running in to save the man trapped in a burning car.

The footage taken from the officer’s body cam shows him attempting to extinguish the flames, breaking windows, bending doors, doing whatever he possibly could to save the passenger. After a tense struggle, he finally pulled the man from the car, moments before an explosion took off the officer’s hat and knocked his body com awry.


The driver of the vehicle, unfortunately, burned to death in the flames. This passenger would have suffered the same fate had it not been for this officer’s dedication to saving his life.

This might be the best possible argument for body cams on officers; we love seeing their dedication to their communities and just how often an officer puts their life on the line.

Watch the video yourself:


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