Kid Delivers Instant Justice To Student Who Punched a Teacher

There are few things more satisfying than instant karma.

Classroom fights are increasingly caught on video these days. Whether kids are looking to settle a score, or get their 15 minutes on World Star, teachers, more often than not, are caught in a lose-lose situation. But in the middle of all the fighting, it’s important to remember that not all kids want to be in this environment, and some are willing to stand up to bullies to stop it.

So when this particular scuffle got out of hand and resulted in a teacher getting hit, another young man decided that enough was enough. Since a punch seemed to be the only thing that would get through to the kid, he delivered.

Violence isn’t always the answer, but we’re not exactly complaining here.


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3 thoughts on “Kid Delivers Instant Justice To Student Who Punched a Teacher”

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    Lawrence D. Wood

    He defended the teacher, but showed his vocabulary is very limited to four letter invectives.
    To me, that foul mouth is not respect, it is a sad indictment of the lack of discipline in the classroom and at home.
    In some ways, the foul mouth is as disrespectful as the fist.
    Sad state of affairs.
    My wife taught for 27 years, but she taught elementary grades.
    I did not want her in a high school classroom, too small.
    And, I did not want to go to jail, because had anyone touched her, they would have dealt with me . . .
    Odds are the teacher, an NEA and AFT, type is not married, nor are the parents of most of the kids in that classroom.
    Liberal la la land, the utopia of the left.
    Time we respected the rule of law, each other, and gave the adults respect. I’m one who carries, not because I am afraid, but because bad things happen to good people when and where they happen. Evil walks amongst us.
    Now, that teacher knows there is at last one student willing to act with violence against her.
    I don’t see respect.
    I see an absence of God, morality, and respect–all of which start at home.

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    I am proud of those young men that stood up for a teacher who also happens to be a female. Even though those kids may not have been articulate in speech, they sought to right a wrong and protect another who was being abused. Violence and poor language have permeated our country, it is on every media venue. Bad moral character has become a standard in our government, how can we expect kids to behave with a high moral standard when poor behavior is praised? These kids acted to protect another. Actions speak louder than words.


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