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Basic Training Story #4678

Alright, so this happened in the basic training portion of 31B OSUT. It was the first night the whole platoon of 60-70 privates didn’t have shower drills and had around 15-20 minutes for all of us to shower. So, I finish my glorious minute and a half shower so the next guy can get in, I was among the first wave to shower so the rest of the guys still had to go.

I get out and realize I didn’t bring clean PT’s…

Now before this night, DS hadn’t randomly checked on the bay, so I said fuck it I’ll just run out in a towel and grab clean ones from my wall locker. Halfway down the bay, the door flies open, and what do you fucking know it’s DS.

So I cut left in between bunks where other privates are confused why some asshole in a towel is in their area. I thought about hiding in the locker but decided to have integrity and walk out. Well

DS is a few paces to where I’m at, so I decide to take it to the chin and hope he only smokes me. So I walk out and see DS and he sees me, and since nobody said At ease, I had to say it, so I go to the position of parade rest and my fucking towel drops.

I’ve never seen human being’s face contort and twist so fast with rage. I ran to the latrine and put my dirty pt’s on and apologized as the entire platoon was forced out of the showers and go smoke. Tables were thrown that night.

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