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Basic Training Story #4705

Summer of 2016, we privates loved that all our Drill Sergeants had that one thing that they said the most. “Put your teeth on safe, cheese!” Or.. “I got you after chow, 2nd!” One DS stood out though, let’s call him DS Sierra.

He also had one of those. “Bring your bowl to the food!”

He would always say. Each person only got 1 mess up a day. A second mess up was a smoke session. We asked what 3 was and he said: “Never had that, privates.”

As we get close to blue phase, we do the white phase testing. For First Aid testing, DS Sierra is the judge. As we move the casualty from the field to the field hospital and try to do everything right, DS Sierra comes up to my group and asks us “What do you all think happened to this soldier?”

My battle buddy looks him square in the eye and says “He obviously didn’t bring his bowl to the food.”

Never seen a DS do an about face so quickly or laugh so hard.

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