Man Being Robbed at Gunpoint is Somehow Totally Calm

Security footage from a Jimmy Johns restaurant has leaked onto the internet, showing a cashier being robbed at gunpoint. A still-unidentified man walks into the sandwich shop and takes a look at the menu before ordering.

Right in the middle of his order, he pulls a handgun from his sweatshirt pocket and points it at the cashier, demanding the money in the register.

A few things stood out to us in this footage; first, as the man cocks the gun, it jams (we believe it’s a failure to feed, you can see the round as it jams in the gun). That might be the reason that the cashier appears so calm – he knows that the gun won’t fire as it is. Secondly, the man seems to know that his weapon is essentially useless as well, as he first attempts to hide the fact, but then decides to brandish it anyhow in order to intimidate the other employees who may not have been able to tell the difference.

Either way, most retail training tells employees to just hand over the money and let the guy leave – lives are more important than cash. The good news is, the cashier was able to stay totally calm and get a good look at the perp, since the guy was stupid enough to not cover his face at all, so the cops should have some pretty awesome detail to work with.

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