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[WATCH] Bodycam Footage Shows Cop Saving Toddler from Drowning

The push for all police officers to wear bodycams is often cited as a measure against “unnecessary force.” What bodycam footage is rally revealing, however, is the tenacity and quick thinking from officers that save lives every day.

This video is no exception; an officer’s keen observation skills helped him save a 4-year-old autistic toddler from drowning after he fell into a pond. According to the video description:

The Topeka Police Dept. released bodycam footage from the officer who jumped into a pond Monday to save an autistic 4-year-old child. The video starts with Officer Aaron Bulmer searching for some people who involved in a fight in the area around SW 16th Street and SW Clay Street around 11:30 Sunday morning. He spots the child next to the Central Park Community Center pond. As he gets out of his cruiser to talk to him, the kid slips in. Bulmer doesn’t hesitate. He races over, jumps in, and pulls the child back to solid ground. Emergency crews arrived at the scene and took the child to a local hospital to be checked out. The kid was then reunited with a parent who had been out searching for them at the time. Police noted they later learned the child had been diagnosed with autism, adding that many children with autism are drawn to water.

It’s actions like these that show just how dedicated officers are to serving and protecting their communities.

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