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Former SEAL Explains Benefits of Cold Showers

We have all been told what the benefits of a cold shower are right? Without a doubt, it will wake you up in the morning after a long night of bad decisions. Or, if you had that cold shower the night before, some of the decisions might not have been so bad. They are still good for keeping the urges down and preventing poor decisions from becoming horrible ones.

Leave it up to the United States Navy to come up with a new use for them. In addition to testing the will and determination of BUDs recruits, cold showers are used for healing and recovery. There is a method to the madness of making those guys sit in the cold water for so long. While those guys are literally freezing their nuts off, their bodies are healing themselves. Thank you, Navy.

Navy SEAL Trident

This idea of cold for recovery has been used by professional sports teams for a while as well, usually in the form of an ice bath. Picture a 350-lb. left tackle sliding his beaten self into a stainless-steel tub of ice water.

In this video via Business Insider, former SEAL operator turned author Clint Emerson explains what is happening when that cold water hits the skin and the positive benefits from it.


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