New Olympic Sport To Watch: Competitive Climbing

There is nothing more ‘Merica than the Olympics. Summer is preferred over winter, but as long as we win, it’s a good day. The joy that is experienced as we prove to every other country just who the Alpha-dog is as we rack up gold medal after gold medal is nothing short of euphoric. Watching Michael Phelps in these last Olympics was pure ecstasy. Many told him he was past his prime, but he beat that weird shadow-boxing dude with room to spare. It was even better than when during the Olympics, we landed a rover on Mars  in 2012. The United States does it all and wins. Now we have a new exciting, fast-paced sport to watch in 2020 with the sport of competitive climbing.

With winning times under six seconds, this “new” sport is sure to be thrilling. No need to take our word for it, watch here. In less than six seconds, champions can be made and dreams can be destroyed. The next Olympics is a little far off, but it’ll be here before you know it and we’re looking for our next national Olympic hero, maybe he or she will be in the Speed Climbing event.

We have our eyes on a couple of up and comers who are sure to take the climbing world by storm affiliated with USA Climbing. One of the USA Climbing rising stars is John Brosler. The young 20 year old from Texas could put the world on notice.

competitive climbing

Could our next hero be John Brosler, the Texas native who’s been climbing since he was 10?  Take a look at him and tell us what you think. He’s a 6-time world champion at the age of 20 and has his sights set on the current big league guys from Russia and Ukraine. The current world record holder is a man out of Ukraine with a time of 5.48 seconds on the 15-meter wall. Rivalries are born in the Olympics and we think that this sport is only the beginning of the next stage in our never-ending quest to be the best at everything.  

We’ll definitely keep an eye on the next Olympics for the American speed climbers, hoping to put an end to the eastern European dominance of competitive climbing. We anticipate a great showing from all of our athletes and can hardly wait for the next Olympic season to begin so that once again we can see our country a-top the podium and winning gold! If nothing else, it will definitely be a heart-pounding, awe-inspiring feat of athletic performance.

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