Rex Vs. Wrex: Shootout

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This week Rex and Wrex invite Team Glock shooter Shane Coley to partake in the office tom-foolery. Everyone make sure and duck as there is a shootout between our favorite Cretaceous period friends. Hopefully, nobody gets too hurt as the rounds fly through the Grunt Style office.


It seems to be a little unfair for poor Wrex, as he’s just talking when Rex shows up to do battle. Rudely interrupted Wrex gets shot by a nerf gun while talking with our own blue-collar hero Adam Calhoun. That’s not cool Rex, Wrex was busy getting his work done and you rudely interrupted. That’s ok Wrex will soon get you back. The next morning (we assume because Wrex wastes no time in executing payback), Wrex ambushes Rex with a shot to the face on his way in the door. The score is settled…or so we thought. Wrex ambushes Rex AGAIN this time after he’s leaving the bathroom. Surely now the two are even and Wrex will let it go.


Nope. Wrex just can’t leave well enough alone and as the two are deeply entrenched in making Club Grunt Style a success, Wrex finds the time to shoot Rex yet again. To be fair, Rex started this whole ordeal and it really is his fault. Maybe though, just maybe, Wrex is taking things a little too far. He’s gotten Rex three times to Rex’s one time of getting him. The shootout could have been over two shots ago. Not good enough for Wrex though. Rex does have an ace up his sleeve. Rex runs for backup. Enter Shane Coley armed to the teeth. Shane lays waste to Wrex pouring round after round into the pre-historic predator till Wrex lies barely moving on the floor.


To finish him off, Rex walks up and puts the kill shot right in Wrex’s face. Good thing it’s only Nerf guns. Can HR mediate these two at all?

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