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Grunt Style Events: Planning A Grunt Fest 5/5 (1)

How do you get Grunt Fest to be bigger and better than ever? You plan! Planning a Grunt Fest is a very delicate process with tons of moving parts involved. So Grunt Style invited our own Blue Collar Hero, Adam Calhoun to lead the meeting on the biggest and the baddest, most huger (is that a word) Grunt Fest to date.

Planning a Grunt Fest

This is serious business. Because we all love America. Adam and Alex love some other things too, but maybe, just maybe that should just stay between them. After Adam calls the meeting to order and is of course subjected to pelting from various Nerf weapons and a plethora of other projectiles, the planning gets underway. Midget jello wrestling is not really scoring to well with everyone like Adam thought it would. He surely thought that would be a winner. It’s not always about having a great idea though, it’s about being able to create an atmosphere where the next great idea can be born. We’re not sure how midget jello wrestling got them to giant tricycles that people can race, but whatever helps the creative juices get flowing.

planning a grunt fest

As the team gets the ideas flowing, one of our events team members has a great idea. Leave it to Josh to bring up the classy idea of a Merica Bourbon speakeasy with cigars. Man those Air Force guys really are smart! Couple that with realistic laser tag featuring AR-15 style laser guns, and you’ve got a really solid start to this party.

planning a grunt fest

As you can see there is quite a bit that goes into the process of planning a Grunt Fest. With enough beer and bad ideas, certainly, the good idea fairy will make an appearance at least once or twice. We hope you enjoy Grunt Fest 6 and all the hard work it took to plan!

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