Grunt Style Funny Shorts: YouTube Argument

The internet is a wonderful thing. The amount of information available is astronomical. We have all this technology and information, and yet some people still choose to be petty. Such is the case in a YouTube argument. This is pretty much how any and all of them go.

YouTube Argument

Start with two folks with a different opinion. Ensure that one person seems extremely snooty and the other person is completely ignorant. Now that we’ve got a foundation, let’s start off with a well-meaning but extremely inaccurate statement. The extremely “knowledgeable” and snooty person comes in with a furious vengeance to correct an otherwise meaningless faux pas. Insert a random person just trying to get noticed or stir the pot and you’ve got a grade A, YouTube argument dumpster fire in the works. Now that the fire is going, add in extremely poor grammar and bad spelling. The dumpster fire is really going now!

YouTube Argument

Our hapless ignorant commenter is just trying to learn, but he forgets the first rule of the internet. Nobody likes you. The second rule, nobody wants to help you either. Our ignorant commenter is immediately set upon like the weakest gazelle being culled from the herd by a pack of hungry lions. Don’t focus on that too much though, because now we have your basic decent into chaos and mayhem. Several other people join in the comment section with random and unintelligible statements. Now we’ve got the anarchy that we so desperately wanted. The dumpster fire has grown and is now an uncontrollable beast lapping up whatever it can get its hands on. The YouTube argument has become a blazing inferno of discontent. Thank you, internet.

YouTube Argument

Nothing is accomplished on YouTube except many hurt feelings by unassuming, well-meaning purveyors of the internet. YouTube comment sections are not the place to find an intelligent debate.

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