Grunt Style Events: Country Thunder

As you walked through the gates of Country Thunder 2017, you knew it’d be special. You didn’t know how you knew, but something in your subconscious told you this day would be amazing. There was a faint scent of Merica in the air and your gut feeling was soon proven a fact as the Grunt Style booth came into view.

Country Thunder 2017

If you like music, America and drinking beer, then you should have made it to the Grunt Style booth at Country Thunder 2017. With a variety of today’s top country music acts, it was one hell of a party to behold. Of course, that’s because Grunt Style was there with our ever faithful Adam Calhoun. With the party in full swing, the Grunt Style hit the crowds mingling, sharing beers and great stories. There is something nostalgic about getting together in a big mud pit with thousands of your closest friends and jamming out to some great music. It’s like Woodstock, but for people that actually like America! Add in several of country music’s top stars and you’ve got a shindig like few have seen.

Country Thunder 2017

The beer was flowing, the music was loud! Who cares if it was a little bit muddy? Certainly not us! We love a good time and we love spending time with people who take pride in themselves, pride in their country and also, of course, a fanatical love of Grunt Style.

Country Thunder 2017

This is par for the course when it comes to Grunt Style sponsoring or hosting an event. It’ll be a day or night you never forget. Country Thunder 2017 was no different. You knew it as soon as you walked into the gate. Catch more of our events team videos here and stay up to date with all of the exciting events coming to a neighborhood near you!

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