Grunt Style Funny Shorts: How To Look Busy Pt. 2

Hopefully, the last video talking about how you can look busy at work didn’t get you in too much trouble at work. In fact, it is our sincerest desire that you got some much needed slow down time to recuperate from all the hard work you have been doing. Now that you’re back at it again, or if management figured out your games, we’ve got a new set of tactics for you to try out.

busy at work

The ‘count and mumble’ technique is an oldy but a goodie because you can always suggest that you’re looking out for the bottom line by going over the budget in extreme detail. All you really have to do is have the budget spreadsheet on your computer, then count and mumble. If you want to add an extra level to this technique to further keep people from bothering you all you have to do is make a note on the budget spreadsheet that they ‘waste a lot of time asking unnecessary questions’.

busy at work

Another great tactic you can use and makes you a team player with a co-worker who is undoubtedly stressed as well, make sure their on the other side of the room and give them a call. Say tons of business-y things. This tactic is great because it gets both of you off the hook for doing other meaningless busywork, just don’t make it too obvious. Another great trick is the tech babble, but this one requires some practice and some knowledge, trying this on the wrong person could get you exposed for the faker you are. Learn some jargon and throw down a made up problem that you’re fixing. Everyone will leave you alone out of sheer confusion.

busy at work

With these helpful tips, you’ll again be able to pace yourself at work so you don’t suffer from burnout. Maybe you can help a friend or two out as well. Stay busy at work friends.

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