Merica Bourbon Takeover

With all the poise and tact of General George S. Patton, Merica Bourbon has been taking hold of each state in our beloved union by sheer force. It’s not really surprising when you finally taste Merica Bourbon. We can talk at length about the nutty aromatic bourbon with light hints of citrus fruits. How there is an ever so faint sweet start with natural caramel and oak flavors. We could tell you all about how it’s smooth and mellow throughout with flavorful finish that’s just long enough to leave you wanting more. Or you could get a bottle of your own and put us to the test. With even more locales now stocking Merica Bourbon, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grab a bottle and try it out. Perfect for sipping on a peaceful Friday afternoon after the long week is over. Afterall, you’ve earned it.

With the state licensing and distributors signed on in the following states, soon you’ll be able to get a bottle containing the sweet taste of freedom in your hand and you know what they say about having a bottle in hand…it’s really damn nice.


From the great state of New York, Dutchess Beer Distributors will be supplying the Excelsior state.

Representing the great state of California, we have Garvey Wholesale spreading the sweet taste of freedom along the Pacific coast.

Fighting out of Colorado and the fresh mountain air, Bub’s Beverage is carrying the sweet taste of freedom to the Rockies.

Coming in strong representing Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. will be Global Wines of Virginia.

We know you’ve been waiting and now the time is near. We know you desire something real, a bourbon with the genuine American soul in every bottle. This is still just the beginning.

Merica Bourbon Takeover

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