Top 5 American “Exports”

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The United States of America does a lot of great things for the world and people aren’t always aware of the great things that we’ve produced all on our own, so we figured we’d pique your curiosity and give you the Top 5 American “exports” so you have a solid place to start when researching all the other great things we’ve done.

American Exports

1. Baseball

This game played the world ’round now, is a distinctly American export, and number one on our list. Nothing more American than baseball! Its a leisurely game of skill and high athletic prowess. With bouts of intense action and periods of leisurely play, the game of baseball is unlike many others, combining sheer excitement and pure relaxation into one great sport!

2. Muscle Cars

We do this. You can have your exotic sports cars and aerodynamic racers, but here in America, we’re about that hot nasty badass speed. Hearing the deep rumble of a muscle car still gives us goosebumps to this day! Talk about Americana on the most primal level possible! The deep throaty growl, followed by a ferocious roar as the gas pedal gets mashed through the floorboard. Bad. Ass!

American Exports

3. Marines

Say what you want, but everyone knows Marines in their Dress Blues look like a million dollars. Combine that with the fact that most of them are blood-crazed, lethal warriors, it just makes it even better. Americans have this notion about Marines, that they all look and fight like superheroes, we’re here to say, that not inaccurate.

American Exports

4. People on the Moon

Anyone else done this? Oh, they’re planning on doing it soon? That’s cool, we did it almost 50 years ago, no big deal. Glad the rest of the world felt like catching up to us. Get on our level bro’.

American Exports

5. Bourbon

You can take your vodka, you can take your rum we don’t care. We’ll keep our Merica Bourbon and you can have those other inferior spirits. Merica Bourbon (our favorite bourbon), is the epitome of America. It’s strong and smooth, reminiscent of that classic American style. Strong and sophisticated, just like us!

American Exports


Honorable Mentions:

World War victories, Nuclear Weapons, Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.



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