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If you’re anything like me you hate the idea of shopping for new clothes in stores. It’s hard to shop; it’s even harder to shop for decent clothing brands that are made right here in the USA, but all that is changing with the newly released American Made Collection from Grunt Style, the go-to online, veteran-owned apparel company with shirts made to fit your patriotic style! 

Anyone who has been a fan of Grunt Style from the beginning will know that patriots, veterans, and many others alike love this company because of the unique and expanding shirt designs from the favorite Raglan baseball tee style to the streetwear shirts made to speak to the people through the latest trends in pop-culture. Grunt Style has you covered.

Most recently, Grunt Style has created the American Made Collection that includes an entirely new concept, from the material to the style it reflects. These classic looks will be perfect for any occasion no matter what you plan on doing; the Lexington Collection Cotton Poplin will have you ready for a day in the office, and everyday wear with a strong and sleek look. This particular shirt has “Grunt Style” buttons on the cuffs and going down the center, and can take you from day to night with the adaptability of a Swiss Army knife.

American Made

The Star Tee definitely has a different look and feel, and is a major hit with both returning and new fans of the simple but trendy back to basics look; it’s taking a new spin on an old look and people are beginning to recognize how good it makes them look and feel! All new shirts in the collection will still have the model logo on the left sleeve, and an American flag on the right, just like we all know and love.

Not to mention the tri-blend feel of the shirt is going to be a lighter, and more washable fit for Grunt Style frequenters who find themselves re-wearing they’re shirts throughout the week. We all have our favorite tees we find ourselves wearing over and over which means you need to be able to wash it often so you can wear it often. No shame in my game, guys.

American Made

So next time you’re scrolling through buying you’re next toy on Amazon, remember to search Grunt Style to re-up on up and coming releases from the American Made Collection which includes accessories, socks, and other gear from what I hear. Of course, don’t forget the kick-ass Defender Boots and High Tide shoes that tie together the look you’re going for, and keep you comfy as a couch potato while looking harder then you’re daddy’s steel-toes. While they’re not steel toe boots themselves, they’re durable to withstand whatever shenanigans you’ll find yourself in.

Enjoy, and while you’re at it go ahead and sign up for Club Grunt Style for monthly savings on special designs made for the patriot in you. You can get monthly giveaways, and all shirts are still run on the Beer Guarantee, plus many other perks! They’ve never let me down before, they aren’t starting now!

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