Navy Federal: Watch the Winter Games!

Folks, we have some really great news for you. If you’re unable to watch the Olympics, have no fear. Navy Federal Credit Union is sponsoring the Army and Air Force Exchange’s live streaming of the  Olympic games for service members through NBC’s Olympics website.

With the long hours and the hard work, our men and women in uniform put in, it’s a nice treat to be able to sit back, relax for what little free time you have and see the United States of America, represented in something a little less serious than life or death. Navy Federal is sponsoring a luxury that many who’ve not served can’t understand. When deployed, the smallest of luxuries can make the place you’re at feel a little more like home. When our military members are able to relax and properly de-stress, it makes them even better at their job, increasing our lethality and lessening the risk of accidents. So as trivial as this may seem, watching the Olympics, it is a huge deal for many serving abroad.

In order to watch the live stream here’s what you’ll need to do. Go to and select the Exchange as your service provider. You will need an active membership in order to verify eligibility, but once that is done you can enjoy watching the all the winning Team USA is planning on doing in Pyeongchang.

Navy Federal

While it’s not caviar and lobster, it is a kind gesture by the people at Navy Federal Credit Union, who no doubt love the men and women who shoulder such a heavy burden as our nation’s safety and security. A big shout out from American Grit and the folks at Grunt Style to Navy Federal for supporting our brothers and sisters with a little taste of home and some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


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