Why We Love the Navy

We’ve told you why we love the Air Force, why we love the Army, the only fair thing to do next is tell you why we love the Navy. The gentlemen and ladies in the Cracker Jack uniform catch a lot of flak from all different directions but the truth is, no other Navy comes close to ours. Not even the once famed British navy is able to compete with the might and power the United States Navy is able to project the world over. So what makes the U.S. Navy so much better than everyone else?

1. Aircraft Carriers

We’ve got 10 legitimate supercarriers and have just recently taken delivery of the 11th, the brand new Gerald R. Ford class supercarrier which they deem to be operational by 2020, so technically we have 11 right now. Each carrier battle group has with it an array of powerful and complimentary ships. Just one carrier battle group could decimate most countries with the exception of like Russia or China. Everyone else though, one of our eleven carrier battle groups could send you to Davy Jones locker. If you get too aggressive we just may send two or three.

Love the Navy
Sweet a new toy!

2. Corpsman

What would Marines do without our Corpsman? In all honesty from picking fights with each other to dangerous reptiles in the Mojave desert Marines would probably kill each other or kill themselves doing dumb shit before they ever got to go to war if it weren’t for the Corpsman (trust me I’m a Marine, it’s true). We all make jokes about Doc, but the truth about Doc is that we’re just jealous. Docs have the sharpest skates and can always get out of bullshit working parties (it’s no party, it sucks) by going to BAS. At the end of the day, nobody is loved and hated at the same time more than Doc.

Love the Navy
Don’t piss off Doc!

3. You used to have battleships

We talked about this before guys, nothing tells our enemies to bother someone else like 16-inch guns thundering away on the high seas. Naval bombardment is just an awesome thing to witness and we’re betting a terrifying thing to experience on the receiving¬†end. We’re not sure how many more times we’re going to have to write about bringing them back until the Navy does, but we’ll keep trying because battleships make the world a better place.

Love the Navy
Float peacefully, have big guns

4. Blue Angels

Don’t tell the Air Force we said this, but we think the Blue Angels put on a much more entertaining show than the Thunderbirds. They fly lower and faster, and the F/A-18 Hornet is one of our favorite planes of all time. We wanted to be pilots once flying the Hornets, but then we found out we can’t math. Plus we love that color scheme too. Go Navy!

Love the Navy
Zoom, Zoom!

5. SEALs

SEALs get a lot of crap talked about them despite how badass they are. Jokes about hair gel and balancing stuff on their nose abound. However these guys deserve a lot of credit, they are basically born with a set of gills and flippers for feet. The things this nation asks them to do are almost unreal. From braving the cold Pacific waters off of Coronado Island, where Great White sharks are known to frolic, to facing the enemy on the Sea, Air, or Land (see what we did there?), you won’t find a SEAL that is afraid of much. You’ll always find them running towards the sound of gunfire to wreak havoc on the bad guys!

Love the Navy
Splish, splash I was takin…SHUT UP CARL!

Know what we're sayin fam?

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