Hector Cafferata Jr.: Not gonna go without a fight

Yo. Let’s talk about a dude who we’re surprised can walk with such massive gigantic balls. Hector Cafferata Jr. served during the Korean War with 2nd Battalion 7th Marines (big surprise there a badass with 7th Marines…that’s sarcasm, 7th Marines is the shit yo!) Let’s set the scene a little bit for you fine readers out there. Hector was from New York City and if New Yorkers are famous for anything its attitude (watch us get punched by a New Yorker with attitude for suggesting they have attitude) and Hector had a ton of attitude and it served him well at the Chosin Reservoir.

Everyone here remembers the Chosin Reservoir right? Where the United States Marine Corps was surrounded and outnumbered, but they kicked ass anyways? Good.

Here we have Private Hector Cafferata Jr. whose company defensive position was attacked by a regimental strength unit. So like a couple hundred dudes versus like a couple thousand dudes. And the couple thousand dudes were fanatical, sounds like a bad f***ing day right? Oh and all of his buddies were wounded or killed. He was alone and unafraid.

Hector Cafferata Jr.

Hector grabbed his E-tool and started batting, yes you read that right, DUDE BATTED GRENADES AWAY! Several Marines in his fighting hole were grievously wounded and through his expertise at “whack-a-grenade”, he saved many lives. Hector also decided that playing baseball with grenades wasn’t the only thing he could do. So he tried to have the enemy soldier play catch. Except instead him throwing grenades at the enemy, he threw bullets. Lots and lots and lots of damn bullets. Quite accurately too. The enemy proved to be really good at catching.

Hector Cafferata Jr.

Would you believe those assholes got one grenade past him as he waged a one-man assault on a regimental sized force? Well, he was kinda pissed so he picked up the grenade and threw it back at those sonsofbitches. It blew off part of his finger. Hector was even angrier now, that was his favorite commie killing finger, so he renewed his efforts of stacking bodies until a snipers bullet (after Hector Cafferata Jr had already been seriously wounded) forced him to be medically evacuated.

For his actions, that day Hector Cafferata Jr received the Medal of Honor. Oh, yeah he also lived to the ripe old age of 86. Hector Cefferata Jr – 1, Commies – 0.

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