Bonnie Carroll: The Indomitable Human Spirit

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The world is a broken and miserable place. In time, it delivers tragedy and heartache to us all. That does not mean it will break us. Take Bonnie Carroll for instance. The indomitable human spirit is clearly alive and well, flourishing as you read this. The founder of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors has had her share of challenges, life trying to break her, and yet she continues on. With purpose, with grace, with power!

In 1992, Bonnie lost her husband in a military plane crash.

The two had fallen for each other over the phone. Bonnie was working as a staffer in the Reagan White House, Brigadier General Tom Carroll (Colonel at the time) worked with the Alaska National Guard. To have that connection, to have that kind of bond with another, only to have it taken away…Bonnie knows all too well how the pain of loss feels. In 1994 the Air Force veteran would found T.A.P.S

Throughout the years Bonnie has shown others how to rise above pain, heartache, and loss. She is both the lighthouse and the rock it stands on. A firm foundation with the tools to guide others through their sorrow, and heartache. We can tell why Tom fell for her. The courageous and bold spirit is everything good about humanity. It is the epitome of what we should all strive to be.

Bonnie Carroll

With almost two decades of war, the need for people like Bonnie Carroll has never been greater. Since it’s inception T.A.P.S has been there for over 80,000 families, casualty officers, and caregivers.

Bonnie Carroll

The world is broken. But it did not break Bonnie Carroll. It could not, it wasn’t strong enough to weather the compassionate heart of a woman on a righteous and noble crusade against grief and loss.

Thank you, Bonnie, for everything you’ve done.


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