Jesse Iwuji: The Right Place, The Right Time

We had an opportunity to interview Jesse Iwuji on Facebook live this morning, you can see it here. During the conversation, we talked about his time as an athlete at the Naval Acadamy, and how it prepared him to lead as an officer in the Navy, we also talked about his daring rescue of a family on the side of the highway. This, friends is what our story focuses on today. A man who was in the right place at the right time, who had the ability to make a difference and impacted the lives of complete strangers in a positive way.

It was a normal day, as much as normal days can be normal. Everyone going through the routine. Stop, go, brake lights, people cutting each other off and just trying to get to work, the grocery store, vacation or elsewhere, each with their own important tasks to handle. Jesse was about to forever change the lives of a family he didn’t even know. He saw the engine dripping fluid, he saw the small flames. He knew he had to do something. Without hesitation, Jesse pulled over.

As he told us in the interview his mind had three things on it “Ship, Shipmate, Self”. First, he tried to move the vehicle out of the flames, despite being a powerful athlete who played safety at the Naval Academy, the vehicle wouldn’t budge. Next on to the “shipmates”. By now the engine compartment was fully involved and the dry grass next to the car was starting to ignite as well. The father tried to go back in to grab something, and Jesse luckily was there to help get him back out of the vehicle.

Jesse Iwuji

Jesse Iwuji didn’t know these people. He had no obligation to help them. He stopped anyways. And risked his life, his future and his dreams to help.

The heart of this country is men like Jesse who saw his neighbor in need. All it took to get him to pull over was knowing they needed help. The United States of America is a great place because of men like Jesse Iwuji.

He currently races in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series and the ARCA Racing Series, and he has just been approved to move into the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. We look forward to seeing the heights Jesse Iwuji reaches!

You can learn more about Jesse’s journey from Navy to NASCAR at



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