Ian Pickett: Everyone’s Neighbor

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He isn’t famous. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that nearly 99% of you haven’t heard of him. That’s what makes this story so compelling, so genuine and heartwarming. Ian Pickett is legitimately, one hundred percent, without a shadow of a doubt, a neighbor to everyone he meets. Friend or foe, agree or disagree, you can always count on this man when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

He will never talk about himself, or his life, the things that he’s done. Too humble. However, someone sent in a recommendation that his actions, his life, his character be put on display so that others may live like him. That they may learn from his example.

From his time in the Marine Corps as an infantry assaultman to 13 years with California Department of Corrections to his multiple years coaching track and basketball in California, Ian has been known by his signature motto.

Blood and Guts.

It exemplifies what he gives to every task assigned to him. He gives it his all.

During his time as a coach, he held his athletes to a high standard. He did not coddle, he did not pander, he expected the best of them and demanded it as well.

What did he get from his demanding coaching ways? Respect. Respect from young men and women who were at a young age able to see that when someone demands that level of excellence from you, it is because you are capable of it. He made tough young men and women. Capable of facing the hardships the world has to offer. He strengthened them and fought for them as only a Marine can.

Ian Pickett

When his neighborhood was threatened by wildfires, what did he do?

He acted. He helped those that were unable to help themselves. While his family was getting to safety, he stayed behind to ensure that many residents who were soon to be afflicted by the wildfires raging across the west coast made it out safely. Ever the selfless bearded patron, Ian Pickett is an everyman. He is the guy with a long beard, who looks intimidating but would drop everything to help his fellow man. He and his family lost everything when the fires swallowed his home over this weekend. What does Ian do?

Ian Pickett

He looks forward with an iron will.

You might know an Ian Pickett in your neighborhood. A hardass veteran who has a no-bullshit mentality, but stands smack dab in the face of danger ensuring others are safe.

Grizzled and wearing a scowl, you’ll never know that you couldn’t meet a friendlier man, a more dedicated father, an amazing coach, and brother to his fellow man to the bitter end.

Semper Fidelis Ian, somehow we know you’ll make it through this chapter unscathed, like always. Whatever it takes, 1/4.





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2 thoughts on “Ian Pickett: Everyone’s Neighbor

  1. Ian –I see you on Facebook that is only way I know your name-so so sorry for your loss. I wish you and your family the best. Good luck and God Bless,,,