Walter Ehlers: Killin’ Nazi Business

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming of badass Americans doing badass American shit. Certain “organizations” talk a big game about fighting Nazis, but Waler Ehlers walked the walk in the killin’ Nazi business. Without a doubt, during his stint in Europe during World War 2 Walter Ehlers did more than the entire collective of that certain “organization” when it comes to wrecking Nazi shit!

World War 2, when Hitler and his shitbag ass henchmen decided it’d be a great idea to have a fight with Communism over who could be the bigger pieces of subhuman filth. Guess who won? America. Back to back World War champions in the house. Due in large part to the effort of men like Walter Ehlers.

See Walter wasn’t a huge fan of Nazis, quite the opposite.

Walter’s story begins a few days after D-Day, Walter a staff sergeant, knew the meaning of lead from the front, boy did he ever. When his unit came under fire near the town of Goville, France. Enroute to take down the enemy Walter and his men were attacked. He killed four of the men on the enemy patrol before making his way to the fire enemy machine gun nest. Upon his arrival, he killed those sonsofbitches too.

Walter Ehler

He then again led his men under extreme machine gun fire towards two mortars. There he killed three guys as well. Once he was done with the mortars, he decided to take on another machine gun nest. While his squad covered him, he made his way to the machine gun nest. His Nazi killin’ business was booming.

Walter Ehlers

The next day his unit came under intense fire, they were ordered to withdraw. This pissed off Walter, but he followed orders. Sort of. While his unit was falling back, Staff Sergeant Ehlers stood up and started firing like a madman. The enemy was no huge fan of that. So they tried to kill Walter. Assholes. But Walter despite being wounded was undeterred by their tomfoolery, picked up a wounded soldier and ran him to safety, then returned to get the BAR that had been left behind.

For his indomitable fighting spirit, total badassery, and blood-soaked rampage and killing Nazis, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.







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