New Gun Control Idea Actually Works!

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Before you all start throwing tomatoes and rotten fruit, hear us out. See California for as much as they get wrong, may have gotten this one right. A new bill proposes it should be illegal to buy more than one gun per month. Now before you get your panties in a wad just hear us out. We promise we’re going somewhere with this!

They’re promoting fiscal responsibility guys. I mean, you don’t want to go into debt for guns and not be able to afford the ammunition right? See this is smart, if I can only buy one gun a month, then I won’t be tempted to put it on the credit card. I’ll just buy it cash and space out my purchases throughout the year. Makes sense right?

Then since I’m debt free, I can rack up credit card charges on the ammo! So now we have twelve new guns and enough room on our credit cards to buy ammunition for all. What are they gonna do? Repo the ammo after I’ve shot it? HA! Fat chance!

We see you California, acting like you’re all anti-gun and then you go and make sure we’re being fiscally responsible by limiting our purchases so we can afford to buy a new gun each month. You really do like guns and want us to have as many as our heart desires don’t you!

This new form of gun control is pretty smart! They can appeal to all the morons who actually hate guns, all the while supporting our need to have as many different options for the burglar as we can.

“Hey Mr.  Robber Guy, we don’t have any more 5.56mm, but we have 12 gauge, .357 Magnum and 6.5 Creedmoor! Wait a sec, honey do we have any .300 BLK? Hold on dude she’s checking for that .300 BLK”

California really just wants our homes to be the Baskin Robbins of firearms with plenty of ammo to go around.

(p.s. if you couldn’t tell this was all satire you should…you know…get out more. We are looking forward to seeing this backfire precisely as we illustrated here.)

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2 thoughts on “New Gun Control Idea Actually Works!

  1. Yeah, but you also are going to have to pay for a back ground check for ammo come July 2019. And if you fail it you wont be able to go hunting for your food until you pay an additional charge to get your ammo. All because the state of California (socialist state of California) doesn’t like that you bought a firearm at another address vs the one on your drivers license.