Notre Dame

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Notre Dame has, for the most part, crumbled to the ground amidst flames sparked during maintenance and refurbishing. Nine hundred years worth of human history gone in an instant. You don’t even have to be religious to mourn the loss of a monument that has been inanimate witness to history that we could only dream of.

We really have no words to say other than we’re glad that at this time at least, there is no report of lives lost. Things can be rebuilt, but people cannot be replaced.

Numerous wars, medieval and modern, and it still stood. Changing politics, technology…you name it, the world-famous cathedral stood the test of time and yet now, it lies smoldering and in ashes.

Unfortunately, thoughts and prayers will do little to restore the cathedral to its former glory. All we can do now is watch as people try to save as much of the priceless art and other historical treasures from the debris and flames.

Anything else we say about Notre Dame is pithy and insignificant compared to the loss, it truly is a tragedy for the history of mankind.

UPDATE: While much of the structure was damaged, the damage is not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. 

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