Project K9 Hero and Axel

You’d never know it from looking at him…or feeling his jaws clench around your forearm for that matter, but Axel, a former ATF SRT Tactical Canine has lung cancer, Megaesophagus, interstitial keratitis and allergies so bad he can only eat rabbit. Again, you’d never know it from having his powerful jaws clamp down on your arm because Axel has no quit in him. He still has tons of fight left. We as humans, understand cancer and medical issues…Axel does not. He still wants to go light speed and bite arms, because that’s what he’s been praised as “such a good boy” for his entire life for doing.

But…Axel doesn’t work for the ATF anymore. He’s been retired and all of those medical conditions and the financial responsibility of them, now fall to his owners. Luckily, Axel is the poster child and mascot for Project K-9 Hero. Project K-9 Hero works to ensure that the dogs who have served us so faithfully are taken care of post service. They provide a yearly stipend of $3k to owners with K9s in the program to help offset some of the medical costs of the fur missiles. Sometimes, they exceed that amount if the pup (all dogs are pups, it’s my world and they’re all pups) desperately needs it.

These dogs have faithfully served next to us in all facets, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Detroit to Los Angeles…the world over these dogs have done their duty and deserve to be taken care of when they finish their service. They’ve earned that much right?

Project K9 Hero

And what happens when the inevitable happens and mans best friend passes on? Project K-9 Hero is there as well to ensure the K9 hero is buried and remembered properly, with a custom portrait of the dog and $500 to go towards the funeral services.

Project K9 Hero

These dogs went to hell and back with us and for us. They had little choice in the matter. The least we could do is be decent human beings and ensure that they do not go into their twilight years alone and in pain. That’s why Project K-9 Hero exists, to take care of our brothers and sisters with four legs, sharp teeth and a penchant for getting belly rubs and chewing Kong toys.

Donate to Project K9 Hero here, and check them out on Facebook here.

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3 thoughts on “Project K9 Hero and Axel”

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    Project K-9 Hero is probably one of the best charities to donate to. I have had 3 retired police dogs all before this program started so I had never had the chance to benefit from it financially. But what these dogs go through after their “tour of duty” is over is tiresome and expensive. You now have an older dog that has worked so hard for this country inside or outside our borders. He has worked harder than most people ever can and does so eagerly to accomplish whatever his task. Getting bounced around in the back of a Police car or Military vehicle takes a toll on all of us and especially our four legged partner not able to wear a seatbelt. Or long days standing at attention on dignitary details on tarmac that you can fry an egg on. Jason saw the need to “ENSURE” that these dogs live the healthiest and nicest retirement available to them because the military and police just sign them over to the handler with out even as much as a bottle of aspirin for their aches and woes in retirement.

    These dogs also go through a PTSD situation from working hard every day and sometimes night. They can be over anxious to go out and do something that resembles work, unfortunately that bring retired dogs to sit and wait at the front door for hours just waiting to go with mom or dad to work. They have been known to break out of windows and doors when their loved one(s) leave them at home because in their K-9 mind their family needs them wherever they go. In retirement from the stresses of law enforcement or military service usually their health declines quickly going from a high stress environment to a house pet overnight takes a toll on their body, mind and spirit. These “pups” as Jason would say need help and need it quick, great 501 c(3) to sponsor as a business that is animal lovers, like any of us reading this article. Great Job Jason, can’t wait to make my family summer order of shirts and “Project K-9 Hero Swag”.

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    Missy Mullins

    I would like to get a Grunt style shirt to support Axel, however I just seen the add and can no longer order me a shirt. If there is somewhere that has apparel for the Project K9 please let me know.


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