Let’s All Take A Moment and Thank H&K

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Why? Because from now on. Till the very last day of Earth’s existence, people will ironically and sarcastically and seriously call all firearms a “Yeet Cannon”.

What is this yeet slang you speak of? Well, it’s best if we let Urban Dictionary define it.

To discard an item at a high velocity
Why? Leave it to the internet. Hi-Point asked people what they should name their new gun. We would’ve gone with “Shitty”, but the internet spoke and decided the new 9mm pistol should be called the YC-9  or Yeet Cannon 9mm. Hi-Point then daring to piss of the like 6 people that keep them in business…said: “No, we’re not going to do that.”
This prompted H&K who is suffering some financial woes to offer sage advice to its competitor. H&K told Hi-Point not to ignore the internet because the consequences could be dire.
H&K even went so far as to say they’d name one of their gats a Yeet Cannon and do a collaboration with Hi-Point.
Hi-Point was not impressed. As you can all see from the photo. But, that’s not going to stop the internet. No sir, not in this day in age. We’ve already been scorned by Europe when they refused to name their research vessel the Boaty McBoat Face. From now on, all guns, regardless of caliber, brand, make, model, whatthefukever shall henceforth be known as Yeet Cannons.
In a time where sensible thought and action has gone out the window, the only sensible thing to do is to join the Yeet Cannon wielding horde.
It’s gonna be hell for the ATF when we just indiscriminately calling our pieces random nomenclature that means absolutely jack and shit. They…are not going to have a good time. But, we don’t really care because Yeet Cannon…well it’s too beautifully horrible to pass up. Thank you H&K, thank you!

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