Massive Group of CEOs Send Letter To Senate In Support of Gun Control

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Well. In case you want to read the letter and find out who signed it, you can click right HERE (click on ‘here’). The letter makes emotional plea after emotional plea begging for the Senate to act in the name of safety for the country and their business interests.

The letter (which you can obviously read if you click on the link provided) states unequivocally what they want. They don’t beat any bushes or hem and haw. They named what they want. Here it is a direct quote from the letter in case you’re too lazy to read the entire one page and one sentence length letter.

“That s why we urge the Senate to stand with the American public and take action on gun
safety by passing a bill to require background checks on all gun sales and a strong Red
Flag law that would allow courts to issue life-saving extreme risk protection orders”

Boom. Right there. Fifth paragraph in, for everyone and their grandma to see.

In the opinion of this writer and this writer alone, any attempt or support of Red Flag laws is not only a slap in the face of the 2nd Amendment but the 4th and 5th Amendments as well. It totally disregards the inherent freedom and liberty that all men and women ought to have and instead places safety above all else.

Safety…something that sounds nice on the surface, but that truly never can be achieved. It should be obvious that even as safe as we are at any given moment, that “safety” is not eternal. It is fleeting and subject to many seemingly inconsequential variables that occur throughout the day. Safety is the key buzzword to an instant gratification mindset. When a bill is signed and a law is passed, someone will say “You are safe now,” although…either nothing has changed or you’ve become a prisoner to your safety, but the masses are satisfied.

Liberty, on the other hand, is dangerous, but it is worth it.

Also, just remember, the names of the people on that list…they probably have paid bodyguards and have no issue with being surrounded by guns, it’s all of us ‘damn peasants’ they don’t want armed…

P.S. We think you should be able to have a tank or a fighter jet…or even your own warship, as expressed by the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8)


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12 thoughts on “Massive Group of CEOs Send Letter To Senate In Support of Gun Control

  1. HOLY Christ! So let’s just toss out due process and stomp on the constitution in an effort to virtue signal! swimming pools kill more kids than firearms !!! It’s all good unless it’s your head on the block Mr. douchebag, is that it? These are the same asshats who think it’s okay to do as I say but not as I do.

  2. It’s really lovely that so many fat cat bigwig CEOs took time out to agree to have their lackeys beat out that 1 page & 1 sentence letter. Too bad it’s on a topic that’s none of their damn business & will never be any of their damn business. My Second Amendment Rights are God-given and Constitutionally protected. Anyone who wants to try to walk on that can kiss my ass both before and after the fight. These rights are not negotiable, especially now because I will die fighting before I end up in a government labor camp a la Hitler. That’s what those rights are intended to protect me from.
    While all those CEOs are feeling so huggy & touchy-feely, why don’t they all drop a million orso to protect wildlife & water & national forest & landmarks that the POTUS seems so bound to destroy. I will freely admit voting for the man, but he has raped & pillaged the natural world in such a way that my Comanche soul is screaming. I am sorely vexed by his actions & looking for someone to replace him because he will not change. He has a heart of wheels & gears and his soul is dead.

  3. Red Flag Laws like the one in Florida is not unconstitutional. A judge has to sign the extreme risk order. The persons guns are temporarily seized until a court hearing. The person then gets to confront his accuser and present evidence. The judge then decides if guns are returned are held for up to 1 year. Due process is the systematic legal process which is established.

      1. You need to read the constitution. It never mentions that it has to be a criminal law that was violated. Due process is a procedural process (usually legal) that ensures the government has not acted arbitrarily to deprive someone of life, liberty, or property.

        1. But when the judge issues the order to seize the weapons, he HAS “acted arbitrarily” to deprive someone of the right to have a firearm UNTIL he has satisfactorily proven to the court that he should have them. That is called being considered guilty until proven innocent and IS unconstitutional.

        2. Which the red flag laws arbitrarily take firearms by the word of someone, without the ability for the accused to have a defense before they are deprived of the ability to protect their life, defend their liberty, and quite literally is taking their property.

    1. You are basically saying the person is guilty until proven innocent. That isn’t how our due process works. You are a typical libtard that wants to give up due process. If no crime has been committed then no one, and I mean no one has a right to take anything from you. That includes your guns. I don’t think you understand how our court system works. We are innocent until proven guilty. It is the responsibility of the prosecutor to prove guilt, not the other way around. Until you learn that concept please shut the hell up.

  4. Hey John Fannie…where in A1S8 does it say you can own a tank? To the moronic side of gun owners…A1S8 works against you by better defining the “militia” as today’s military which you are not part of…and which you claim gives you the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment.

    1. A1S8 doesn’t say we can own a tank. It says we can own a warship. Two extremely different pieces of military equipment. Also, you couldn’t be more wrong on what the 2nd Amendment means and or says. But keep trying, by god do we love your effort.