Show of … support? Multiple U.S. cities raise Chinese flag

San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia.  Three cities in three different states.  All of them raised the Chinese flag around Oct. 1st, which as we are aware, is the 70th anniversary of China’s turn to Communism.

The raising of these flags was not initiated by local business owners, Chinese people or their descendents, instead they were flown by city officials at city capital buildings and areas.  When asked, the city officials all stated the flags were flown in support of their Chinese population, not Communism.  Most of the cities did invite local Chinese businesses and residents to attend the flag raising ceremonies.

Citizens were not happy in any of the cities and rallied against this, still the flags were raised.  While we fully support the First Amendment and free speech, we are not sure it is acceptable for city authorities to fly the Chinese flag.  Or any non-U.S. ally’s flag in their city center for that matter.  Especially with having the push back from their local populace like they did.

This begs the question- how should this make us feel, as Americans?  Should this be an acceptable practice?  Raising the flag of a country that is not our ally on a day that celebrates the birth of Communism in that country?

While the Chinese Embassy here in the U.S. also raised the Chinese flag, that is considered a part of China, so it is different.  Just as if it would have been different if those cities reported they had a large amount of private citizens raise the flags.  But that isn’t the story.  It was city officials on city property raising the Chinese flag.   How would we feel if this were the Russian flag or ISIS flag?

Don’t get us wrong- we understand there is a large Chinese populace in the United States and some of them may even fly the Chinese flag.  That is their personal right on their own property or their own business.  Note that these cities are also well known for being international ‘melting pots’ and having multiple nationalities from across the world reside in them.

We want to know- what do you think? Are the city officials right? Do you think they are supporting a heritage or Communism? Drop a comment.

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18 thoughts on “Show of … support? Multiple U.S. cities raise Chinese flag”

  1. Do they throw up a confederate flag on the 8th of February for their southern residents to celebrate their heritage? No? I didn’t think so. Yet, “they” continue to glorify communism/socialism and ignore the brutal oppression of people living under those systems.

  2. As a non-gun carrying, blue bleeding liberal, I’d have to object to this practice. We shouldn’t be raising any Chinese flags. Not PRC flags anyway. The Chinese people who are here in the USA aren’t here out of love for what it represents. They don’t believe in democracy, free speech, or freedom of religion, so yeah…flying their flag is gonna be a problem.

    1. By “THEY”, I mean the Chinese government, not the Chinese people who’ve come here. That isn’t clear from what I wrote.

  3. My home town never raised the Sicilian flag for my Momma. As a matter of fact, my Momma wouldn’t have felt right about that. Now don’t get me wrong- on holidays we would fly that Sicilian flag below the American flag at our house. That was called pride. But assimilation was too important and too meaningful for Momma and the city fathers in the mostly Italian and Sicilian community to even consider something like that. Then again-times were a little different then.

    I say – HELL no.

  4. I saw this story on instagram for the first time this morning. I was so upset it brought me to tears. I could not believe my eyes. I am outraged!! I think the officials responsible for this should be voted out of office.

  5. It is very disrespectful, is it not their duty or right to represent foreign countries regardless of their nationality. The only time a foreign flag is flown on capital is after an invasion. We are the USA 🇺🇸, and our flag is the only rule of law in our country and our city landmarks, buildings, and capitals.

  6. They’ll raise the communist China flag but have conniptions about the our civil war rebel flag. The Chinese flag DOES NOT represent Chinese people. It DOES represent “Communist China”. Do these idiot city officials really think our Chinese American citizens, especially the older ones who likely ESCAPED from communist China, want to see that flag?
    What’s next, they going to raise the Nazi flag for Germans?

  7. the bastards are supporting Communism over .And those flags should be destroyed and should have never been flown over an American City. One more thing those responsible for this act of treason should lose at least an arm and more

  8. Glenn Francis II

    I think they should not raise a non US ally flag, especially one that is stands for everything we believe in. Given how far the Democratic party has moved to this ideology I am not surprised by it either.

  9. It’s hard to beleive that Americans did this. My gosh who have we elected that would do this? Can we stand idly by and watch this happen?

  10. That’s just wrong on so many levels.Flying a foreign flag on American soil.Those that allowed this to happen should be fired immediately!!!!!.This is America we do not show support of a communist country by flying their flag.

  11. If they wanted to support the Chinese people, they would raise the Hong Kong flag.
    The city officials are idiots. Free Hong Kong!

  12. Cities are governments. 1st Amendment was written to protect the people FROM the government, NOT protect the government from the people.

    The City Government is wrong on this one.

  13. Do not agree with elected officials in any City or state raising a foreign flag. Raise the AMERICAN flag and that is as it should be.

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