Why are people not allowed to be polite!?

By now, you have probably seen all of the social media drama about Ellen Degeneres sitting next to former President George Bush.  People are ridiculing both of them for even bothering to sit next to each other at a football game.  This. Is. What. Our. Society. Has. Boiled. Down. To. AND IT IS RIDICULOUS!

Two people who disagree politically cannot, apparently, sit next to each other socially at a football game.  Are we for real folks!?!  While there are PLENTY of real world issues going on, this is what people focus on.

And after Ellen published a video addressing the whole thing and saying “…just because I don’t agree with someone on everything doesn’t mean I am not going to be friends with them,” she was ridiculed even harder.  We, as human beings, are made to be different from one another. Then, adding all the variants from personal and societal experiences- it turns us into even more different beings, with different viewpoints.

And now, what this ugly social media ranting society is currently saying is- you cannot be friends with people who are different.  You cannot be understanding or socially accepting to people who have different viewpoints than you, political or otherwise.  It just brings us to utter disbelief.

Ellen did not choose to sit with Bush and vice versa.  They ‘happened’ to be seated together and they made the most of it, politely, LIKE ADULTS SHOULD.  And yet everyone is scorning them for it and making extreme, offensive remarks.

We have written about this before, here.  Now, we will say it again, LOUDER. YOU CAN AGREE TO DISAGREE AND STILL BE POLITE HUMAN BEINGS. 

People are not going to agree on everything.  And they should not have to!  What is SUPPOSED to make our society great is the FACT that people with opposing viewpoints can come together, argue their side and move on. And that is IF they choose to do so.  They can also CHOOSE to find themselves seated next to each other at a football game and decide that, instead of politics, they will just sit and enjoy life happening infront of them.

We know, shocker fucking concept.  So, honestly, if you feel they should not get along, get over it. Let people be decent human beings to each other for once. The world needs more of that and less of this bullshit idea that no one can talk to each other unless they are 100% alike.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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3 thoughts on “Why are people not allowed to be polite!?”

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    Most of people are polite to each other, why because we Have to be . We have jobs and homes the require us to be polite because we work and live near people who don’t agree with us.

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      Charlotte Reavis

      Exactly, it is called being an adult and doing the right thing. But when celebrities do it, it’s wrong? It makes no sense. Thanks for reading!

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    Once again The media and keyboard crusaders are at it again. I travel a ton and we are not as separated as the media and left portray us as being. The vas majority of us get along just fine. But its the media that pit us against each other, or makes it look like we are fighting each other. Im sick of it. I think its time me fight back.. These antifa thugs running around causing problems need to be put in there place while we are at it..


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