Spoetzl Brewery Prepares For War

This is a local story at least for us, but it’s a really great story of the American (cough Texan cough) fighting spirit. See, Shiner, TX is home to the Spoetzl Brewery, where the Shiner Beers are produced. You may not like Shiner Beers, you may love them, but this plucky independent brewery is getting ready to go to war with Anheuser Busch. We’re going to provide some color commentary further on, but first, we’d like to copypasta the open letter that Shiner wrote for their local newspaper.


“To our friends in Shiner:

We have heard some chatter about uncommon sights around town last month—three billboards and a concert sponsorship touting: “There’s a new Bock in Shiner.” That’s not Shiner Bock my friends. They are talking about Karbach Brewing Co., which is owned and operated by Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV, the largest brewer in the United States and in the world. It is not the Shiner Bock that’s brewed here in Shiner at the K. Spoetzl Brewery. This brewery has been providing jobs and giving back to our community since 1909—that’s 110 years. It is not the 110% independent and family-owned Shiner Bock. Our beers proudly wear the Brewers Association’s “Certified Independent Craft” seal on our labels—something an A-B-owned beer will never be able to do. A-B is a public multinational company with its global headquarters in Belgium. A-B acquired Karbach Brewing Co. in 2016. This was part of A-B’s larger scheme to acquire craft breweries around the United States and use its huge plants to produce the former craft beers they now own. A-B does not want you to know that Karbach is produced at the formerly craft Karbach brewery and at its large, low-cost A-B plant in Houston. This is a huge company with deep pockets seeking to force its way into our town. It is not the first time they have tried to imitate our iconic Shiner Bock—A-B’s Ziegenbock and Michelob AmberBock have been around for years. Now, Karbach’s Crawford Bock joins A-B’s family of bocks: “There’s a new Bock in A-B.” But they can try again. It won’t be the first time some local Texans faced unbelievable odds. We’ve got pride on our side. We are proud of our beer, proud of our independence, proud of our heritage, proud of our authenticity, and proud to be in Shiner, Texas.

To the drinkers who love Shiner, we say “Cheers” and to the giant breweries, as our friends down the road once said, “Come and Take It.”

Thank you for your support.
Your friends at the Spoetzl Brewery”

Look. You can love A-B and hate Shiner, or you can love Shiner and hate A-B, hell you can even hate everyone, but one thing ya gotta love, one thing ya gotta respect is the plucky fighting spirit of this small-town Texas favorite. Fucking “Come and Take It”. Those are some mad lads over there brewing beer, 90.3 miles away from where we currently sit.

Kudos to the folks over at the Spoetzl Brewery for putting up a fight, for saying they won’t go quietly into the night. We’ll drink a Shiner to that for sure!

Know what we're sayin fam?

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6 thoughts on “Spoetzl Brewery Prepares For War”

      1. I’m not from Texas, but, the ONLY beer I drink is Shiner. Besides the great taste, I love the story behind Shiner and got to cross a bucket list item of when I toured the plant last year.

        It’s the people that truly put their pride of the town in the beer that makes the difference.

        Keep producing that prideful Brew please great folks of Shiner!!!!

  1. My family lives in Shiner and that little brewery is awesome! Got a cousin that works there doing tours and such. A great little brewery and even better little town! Go get em Shiner!!!

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