Epstein’s Guards Arrested

Epstein’s guards have been arrested. Nice. Bet they get suicided too though. Loose ends and whatnot. The issue we see here, like, look it’s fucking great that they’ll be held accountable for their failure, but the damage has already been done. There is a chance that we could possibly trace who paid them off if that seems to be the case, that they were paid to look the other way, and maybe get them to testify, but the damage has been done in the sense that our foot in the door, Epstein, who could have dimed everyone out, is gone.

The dude who had all the knowledge as to who did what, when and where, gone. Even if we catch another person involved, likely they don’t have the extensive records that Epstein had and are now, most likely destroyed.

It’s not to say that finding all these pedophiles is impossible, just highly unlikely and whoever pulled the strings, has likely covered their tracks extremely well. Like, shit even Epstein who’d been doing this forever, who had a story crushed by ABC about him…it took us forever to actually get him in jail, even after all the shit he pulled in Florida. He was the fall guy, and it took us how many years to get him?

So yeah, it’s great. But also like…we’re not expecting much, whoever would have been implicated in any way shape or form is probably using their great wealth and influence to erase their connections to Epstein as much as possible. Destroying evidence before they get endicted or implicated.

We know we know we know that the internet is excited about the case moving forward in some form or fashion, but the reality check has to hit sometime, we had a shot to get names and implicate a ton of people and we fucking lost it. It was a long shot then, but we had the chance. Arresting the guards to us…seems like just another opportunity for those involved to tie up any loose ends.

So cheer if you must, but it ultimately…is an empty victory. We won’t stop saying it though, because we all know, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Maybe one day, someone will grow a conscience and come forward, doubtful, but it could happen.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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4 thoughts on “Epstein’s Guards Arrested”

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    At least the majority knows he didn’t kill himself. Now, let’s be real. This is only the loose ends from his Clintoning. (If that’s not a word yet, it should be). So, the guards get Clintoned too. Then who’s next?

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    The world knows Epstein didn’t kill himself, like it knows Assange didn’t hack any computers. Amerika? Gonna do anything?

    chirp chirp chirp


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