Don’t Mess with Texans, they shoot back

How many times does the lesson need to be learned?  You do not attempt a mass shooting in Texas, especially now.  New laws passed in September 2019 that, instead of tightening gun laws, have loosened them.  Thus allowing church members who have their concealed license to carry.

On Sunday, a man shot and killed two members of a church near Fort Worth, Texas before he was shot and killed by church security volunteers.  One of the volunteers Jack Wilson, was Army National Guard, worked as a Sheriff’s Deputy and has been a firearms trainer for many years.  Wilson was the one who initially wounded the shooter and stopped him.

In 2017, a gunman walked into a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas killed 26 people and injured over 20 before he was pursued by a local resident that had been across the street.  Then you have the El Paso WalMart shooting in August 2019.  That was the last straw for Texas legislators.  You see, at that point, Texas had 4 of the top 10 deadliest shootings in the nation.

So, they passed the laws in September 2019.  You can read about those changes, here.  These changes allow law-abiding citizens who follow the appropriate safety protocols to effectively carry their weapons.  Not to conduct harm, but protect themselves from it.

Vigilance also plays a key role in all of these events.  Unfortunately in some of them, the events happened too quickly and the right people with the right weapons were further away.  But in all of them, someone paid attention and reacted as soon as they could, for good.

The facts are short and simple.  A bad person walked into a location with an intent to harm.  That person was able to carry out that intent.  That person was then stopped very quickly by good people with the intent to protect.  Both utilized the same tool, a gun.  It does not matter what side of the fence you are on politically.  When it comes to matters like this, we must look at the facts and how the situation was handled.

As bad people continue to be in the world with bad intentions, there will still be good people with good intentions.  We can only hope when those bad people attempt to strike quickly, the good strike quicker, just as they did Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with Texans, they shoot back”

  1. I work for a church Sunday mornings – one in which all but one of the ministers are armed. As a group they are well-coordinated. Twice a year training is offered to the congregation regarding how to react in a mass shooting situation. Vigilance, avoidance, cover and orderly exit is stressed. For several years one of the rolling video ‘announcements’ asks that “although open carry is legal in Texas, please conceal your weapon so as not to distract the congregation”. I had visited a service prior to accepting the position and that bit of media sealed the deal for me along with the presence of a LE Officer at all functions. Despite my extensive training and 4-5 days per week on the range I hope I am never in a situation like that which has occurred in White Settlement and Sutherland Springs. I’ve been through enough carnage to last me.

    I hope this is an awakening and a call for churches to have a professional assessment of their risk level, develop planning and training teams and take the business of saving lives as seriously as saving souls.

    I’ll also mention here that for the last several weeks there has been ‘confident intelligence concerns’ that something like this (in particular church targets) would take place in Central or North Texas. There is no good means of getting this information to possible projected targets and in the case of churches- plenty of targets of opportunity. A method needs to be developed that could inform such possible targets without causing over-reaction. There are Amber and Silver Alerts. Surely something “less public” could be developed.

  2. Vigilance! Vigilance! Vigilance! Always carry! Always pay attention! Always run to the sound of gunfire! The world, unfortunately, does not look to be getting any better. Evil has some very psychotic and idiotic and, sadly, ignorant followers. Too many evil folks are willing to use pawns to destroy innocents and make their hate-filled statements to the world. They won’t quit, so we have to maintain vigilance and stop their evil acts in planning or progress.

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