BREAKING- Rockets land in Baghdad Green Zone today

Less than 24 hours after missile attacks at Al-Asad and Erbil, it has been reported that two or three rockets have landed in the Baghdad Green Zone.  Once again, there are no reported injuries or damages.  The area is said to have several international embassies, to include one for the United States.

It is not currently known what the intended target was for the Katyusha rockets.  Initial reports are stating the rockets landed near the site of the U.S. embassy.  Iraqi security forces appear to have responded and cleared the area immediately after the rockets landed.  Reporters local to the area reported hearing sirens sound off.

Will the situation continue to escalate?  Will Iran claim this attack?  Will the United States respond with force?

This is all the information that appears to be released at this time, we will update if additional information becomes available.

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