Helpful hints for Virginia protesters this weekend

The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, just declared a State of Emergency ahead of the Pro-Gun Rally over the holiday weekend. We previously wrote “What in the 2A, Virginia!?” found, here.  Basically, this has been an escalating situation for awhile now.

If you’re already familiar with the state’s 2A-related events, you may think back to 2017, when a protest in Charlottesville turned deadly. This upcoming rally has the potential to be a powder keg, exceedingly so because of the tension that caused the Governor to ban all weapons over the weekend.

Freedom and democracy works best when reasonable adults discuss their differences and come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. How often does that happen in modern politics though?

We wholeheartedly support Americans using their rights to fan the winds of change for the better. We just want you to be safe and smart about it. It’s bad enough when we lose brothers and sisters overseas. It would be unacceptable to lose you here in our home land.  You cannot fight injustice fully from a jail cell or worse, a cemetery.

Some tips if you plan to attend this rally (or any other protests, really):

  • Make sure to comply with all laws and regulations, and keep in mind they may be different than where you reside. Furthermore, the laws may change depending on the location and event, as highlighted by this case of State of Emergency banning weapons. Be vigilant and stay aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • This may sound like a no brainer, but BE SOBER! You can’t look for suspicious behavior and safeguard yourself and others from bad guys if you’re high or drunk. If something does happen, you’ll want to be able to leap into action and use those combat life saving skills to treat the wounded, verses stumbling into a ditch and throwing up on your brand new Grunt Style shirt. The point is we want to avoid that, so don’t provoke the opposition into violence when tempers flare.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate and check the weather either. Despite being all hopped up on patriot vibes like the founding fathers, a rally can turn lame real quickly if you forget your cold weather gear.
  • Finally, bring snacks. Because, snacks.

As the weekend draws near,  the nation will be watching these protests closely. Let’s all hope this matter is resolved quickly, and peacefully.

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12 thoughts on “Helpful hints for Virginia protesters this weekend”

  1. Bring the Gallows in the back of the crowd. We wont need to do any hangings until someone finally drags them out in the streets and we have a trial for Treason.
    That stuff can take 10 minutes or so.

  2. I honestly meant to give this weekend safety brief a 5 star rating. But, it ended up only a four. I don’t know what happened there. This is good advice though. All in attendance should heed this.
    Carry on.🇺🇸

  3. The first patroit shot or arrested will be the signal for the war to begin . Democrats will be tried for treason and executed no mercy

  4. Like the brief and believe it should be followed, that being said if you have to declare a state of emergency out of fear before passing a law maybe that is not what the people want.

  5. And don’t forget to bring those crossing guard thingeys you dudes wear now. Sure don’t want to be hit by a passing vehicle or something.

  6. You can carry as long as you don’t go on the grounds and they will be putting up a sound system so everyone in the street can hear . Only about 10,000 can fit on the grounds so most will likely be in the streets they are closing off . FYI if you do carry please do responsibly and don’t be obnoxious.

  7. Be the calm. Antifa is reportedly dressing in MAGA gear and intent to cause trouble. Step away, don’t get caught up. Remember, you have a family and work to get back to. They’re just missing a day out of mom’s basement.

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