Asshole of the week: Catfishing Reservists

Today’s story is about two knuckle fucks by the name of Joseph Asan Jr. and Charles Ifeanyi Ogozy. Now those names sound made up, but what’s more messed up is the FBI arrested them for scams, like catfishing the innocent, totaling around $3 million. These two turd pushers joined the Army Reserve in February 2018, and the very same month they started running scams. They were still ‘shitting the chow they ate’ in Boot Camp when they hatched their evil ploy to ruin people’s lives.

According to this newly unsealed Federal complaint they got away with it for about 18 months before they got hammer fucked. Here’s what they did:


Few things are lower than breaking a girl’s heart, and it’s even worse when you find out the victims were mostly older widows! These ‘Golden Girls’ were just trying to find companionship for their remaining years; these creeps decided to prey on them.

One of their targets was a 67 year old woman. They scammed her out of $75,000. Additionally, they tricked a 57 year old widow out of $45,000. These bozos found their victims on dating websites designed for older users.

Whether you are 18 or 80, don’t send anyone money that you haven’t met in person and trust. No one needs money to buy a ticket home from deployment or any of that nonsense people who catfish frequently makeup. If you suspect someone might be a catfish you can demand a video chat, do a reverse image search on their picture, or ask a friend you trust to set you straight.

Scamming a Veteran’s club

An unnamed Marine Corps Veterans organization was conned out of nearly $7,000 when the “douchebag duo” posed as the CEO of the club. The two emailed the organization’s treasurer to wire transfer money to an account owned by Asan and Obgyn(or however you spell it). Like how the fuck do you go after Veterans? That’s low man, real low.


One of the many businesses they were scamming eventually got wise and reported it to the FBI. So the feds looked up the account receiving the money. Shockingly, it had the same personal information that Asan used to join the Army with. Imagine being such a dick weed that you use your home address. They linked themselves to the bank account they had scammed millions of dollars with.

The feds promptly arrested “Dumb and Dumber” on Oct. 31, 2019. A jury indicted Asan but get this, the other guy was not indicted!  Furthermore, in a surprising  motion filed by prosecutors it seems like Guy with the alphabet killer last name is probably cooperating with investigators to save his own skin.

It’s bad enough they broke their oath and preyed on the very people they swore to protect. Then he just turns on his partner? Imagine being that morally weak?! Hopefully these two can pay their debt to society and learn their lesson. Additionally, let this serve as a warning to people who tend to be too trusting.

Now, your life, as difficult as it may be at this current time…doesn’t seem so bad does it? At least you’re not our Asshole of the Week (and that is something you can hang your hat on!)… Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Asshole of the week: Catfishing Reservists”

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    Bullshit—they should be breaking rocks (or today’s equivalent) for the rest of their miserable lives! Prey on old ladies? Veterans? They dishonor all military men and women with crap like that! They have no shame!


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