Virginia’s “Assault firearms” ban moves forward

Voted 12 yays to 9 nays, the Committee on Public Safety Virginia House Bill 961 moves on to the next step. Hence, the bill on “assault firearms” will be debated on the floor of Virginia’s House of Representatives. If they pass the bill, the Virginia Senate will take a vote. The final stop before it becomes law would be the governor’s desk. Consequently, there is still time for action, but less time than most realize.

What’s in the bill?

House Bill 961: Prohibiting sale, transport, etc. of of assault firearms, certain firearm magazines, silencers(sic), trigger activators and their penalties. The full bill can be read here.

Above all, you should *read the bill* entirely for yourself, but here are a few takeaways:

  • The bill makes it a Class 6 felony to import, sell, transfer, manufacture, purchase, possess, or transport large-capacity firearm magazines, silencers, and trigger activators.
  • Legal owners would be required to (i)render above listed items inoperable; (ii) remove above listed items from the Commonwealth; (iii) transfer the above listed items to a person outside the Commonwealth who is not prohibited from possessing it; or (iv) surrender the above listed items to a state or local law enforcement agency.
  • Any person who legally owns an assault firearm, will have to pay for a permit and register them.
  • That information now becomes available on Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN).
  • Legal owners will have to produce your permit and photo ID when asked to do so by any law enforcement. officer.
  • Failure to do so will result in a civil penalty.
  • A person issued a permit may possess an assault firearm only in specified locations (home, range, gunsmith etc.)

If you have an opinion on the matter contact your representatives! You can walk into their office and ask to speak to a staffer. Additionally, emailing, calling, or sending handwritten letters are tools available to you, the citizen, to voice your opinion.

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9 thoughts on “Virginia’s “Assault firearms” ban moves forward”

  1. It’s unconstitutional and no one should give up their arms..the amendment was written after the revolutionary war,has nothing to do with hunting

  2. I dont own these guns but know the importance of American citizens to be able to own them. Most people that own these types of fire arms, if i had to bet, would be Veterans. I think that Virginia should back down from this stance. If they don’t then i believe people from all over should stand with the gun owners in Virginia. If one state is allowed to go this far it wont be long before others try. Unless we all stand together against the states and government they will keep pushing. I hope it doesn’t pass but if it does i hope we all can take a stand to show the government we will not allow this to go any further.

  3. Any and all gun laws an/or regulations are unconstitutional!! Shall not be infringed upon means exactly that, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON!!!

  4. This law makes criminals out of law abiding gun owners. Why don’t you try enforcing the laws that are already on the books without adding meaningless feel good laws that do nothing to stop a criminal or mentally ill person from killing many people if they choose too, Completely worthless like your black face Governor

  5. Shawn Demosthenis

    If the Governor wants War against the gun owning Virginia citizens, then he needs to realize the National Guard will not violate the United States Constitution and kill their own people to enforce a State law that is entirely seceding from the United States by violating the right to bear arms (shall not be infringed). If the Senate and Governor accept this Bill it will mean certain Civil War. The law abiding Virginia gun owners are prepared to die for their United States Constitutional rights. I firmly don’t believe the Virginia representatives that passed this Bill will be available when their War begins. BEWARE, this cannot and will not stand. I truly hope they all come to their senses and VETO this as soon as possible.

    1. The names of all that voted in favor of this bill should be publicly displayed on a continual basis in addition to asking them directly to define their decision based upon the Constitution.

      The two most likely outcomes are that (1) they will ignore the request and further find that they are not for the people (2), they will respond with a basis that is not constitutional and political bias and smoke and mirrors which will further illustrate they are not for the people. Voting them out in a predominantly democrat-controlled area is unlikely. Having decent constitutional Americans take a stand in other states and at the very least place political pressure on the state of Virginia as a whole and illustrate to other Americans that this may be a state you want to move away from. Capitalism and declining property values will take over at that point.

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