2A Poll- How do we stop shootings without infringing our rights?

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“…shall not be infringed” is stated very clearly in the Second Amendment. However, we spend more time defending our Constitutional right to bear arms than finding alternative ways to end violence. So I polled 250 Veterans and active duty as to their ideas on how to stop the violence without violating anyone’s 2A rights. This is, by its very nature, a complex problem with no easy fix.

Physical solutions

Armed guards

By far, the top answer we received was hiring armed guards. Specifically, the poll participants wanted Veterans to be hired for this role. Added force protection would be a possibility, but carries several limitations.

This seems viable for public places like schools and festivals. However, this does not solve the problem of violence that occurs as part of crime or in secluded places.

There are over 132,000 public K-12 schools in the U.S. so you can imagine how long that budget would take to get approved. Consequently, this would cost billions of dollars to place guards at every public school. I don’t think it’s feasible at the federal level, but local parents can demand more security at their children’s school.

Arming Citizens

Another popular answer was to arm more citizens. “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” This famous mis-quote from WW2 serves as the primary spirit behind the idea of arming more citizens. Most mass shootings happen in gun-free zones after all.

Currently the U.S. is estimated to have over 300 million guns, with about 100 million gun owners. Some sources put that number at 50 million owners with each gun owning household having 8 firearms each. To put that in perspective, that is more gun owners than the UK and Australia have citizens….combined.

It’s impossible to know the number for sure without a government registration. I doubt anyone reading this would want that. There are a few more potential drawbacks to arming more citizens.

Who would pay for that? How would it be tracked? Additionally, you cannot obligate people to carry guns who do not want to. However, active shooter scenarios are proven to be shorter if there are armed citizens nearby.

You can encourage more people to carry concealed by relaxing some of the roadblocks to get a permit. It shouldn’t be a huge production and a $75 permit (looking at you Maryland).

So, we will add that to the solutions lists.

Social solutions

Others polled wanted less of a physical solution. Education and social change was also a top answer. Many called for gun education at an early age. Secondly, an emphasis on problem solving and the value of human life.

Areas with higher levels of education, are less likely to have violent crime. This reasoning concludes that educators and parents have a large responsibility to the behavior of those they guide and teach.

Access to mental health was a popular answer. Some combat Veterans have expressed reservation at seeking treatment for simple issues. This stems from fear of being labeled a danger, and subject to red flag laws.

Some expressed desire to see shooters not glorified on television and online. They called for the name and faces of violent criminals to be shown less on the news.

One ambitious individual suggested that gun ownership should be a right given to those who serve(military or law enforcement). This idea being akin to the rights of citizenship being earned, like the book Starship Troopers. I don’t think that is practical, but it’s good to hear all sides of the argument.

Funniest 2A solutions

Some took a comical approach to submitting their answers. I was told “lightsabers” would end gun violence. Best selling author and Welshman, Geraint Jones, suggested we accept the queen as our lawful ruler once again. Hard pass my friend.

Another man said “make ammo expensive, if bullets cost a grand then you know someone deserved it if they got shot.”  Although these were clearly hilarious, this is no laughing matter.

In conclusion, there are many things that will need to be set into motion. There is no silver bullet to fix this problem. Regardless, it is our responsibility to preserve the Second Amendment (2A) and protect our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Let us know what you think in the comments and share this with like-minded friends. Email this to your local politicians. You can start the conversation. We, the people, deserve a solution that allows us to keep our 2A rights, while also keeping innocent citizens safe.

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21 thoughts on “2A Poll- How do we stop shootings without infringing our rights?

  1. How about we as ‘Muricans take responsibility in teaching our kids about firearms. Guns dont kill innocent people, assholes behind them do. Restrictions on firearms purchases will only keep guns out of law abiding citizens hands. Yes, beef up security, watch for red flags, make mental health treatment a priority, all great plans.
    What I’ve seen is people who should not have been able to have access to firearms using them to commit heinous crimes. How were these animals able to get ahold of weapons? All I ask is that responsible gun owners keep accountability of their weapons. Lock em up. Remove the bolt from your AR and store it separate, keep handguns out of reach or restrict access to them. Teach your kids about gun safety and let them grow a respect for them.

    Stop being such shit heads to one another

  2. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Restricting guns by type or nomenclature is restricting something that can’t inherently kill by itself.

    Putting into practice knowledge based criteria to ensure everyone understands the proper use, storage, operation along with the ethical, moral, and Civic responsibilities of owning a weapon. Additional measures could be considered for expanded background checks. Which is a slippery slope depending upon what criteria it is based upon. Most politicians try to include criteria most likely to lead to more red flag type environments. A federal database is the first step in identifying which doors to kick in first. But I would agree with a federally recognized concealed permit based upon standards that all states should adhere to.

    It starts with infringing on the right to ownership, and not an educated, proactive approach that limits weapons in the hands of people that shouldn’t have them. At this point, the majority of gun violence happens from illegally obtained weapons, not those legally owned by citizens. But before you know it we’ll driving on the wrong side of the road and speaking a different type of English.

  3. It’s a grassroots issue that is solved not just through immediate show of force (temporary defense) but through growing the right attitudes and respect through firearms education (prolonged approach).

    1. Kids who are involved in firearms education show more respect, due to the rules-driven nature of teaching firearms safety and proficiency.

    2. Kids who respect their teachers in firearms proficiency will respect their fellow man and respect the power that firearms carries.

    3. Students who respect the power of firearms respect life and the levity of the taking of lives. This carries on to those who hunt and respect the life they take to nourish their own needs.

    4. The practice of responsible gun ownership and the teaching of responsible gun handling reflects positively upon the entire gun owning population. Those who flaunt gun ownership are not welcome; those who stay subtle are encouraged.

    The most impactful way to counter the anti gun movement is through the well paced display of statistics and strong implementation of safe gun ownership values and practices. The exploited exercises of openly carrying ARs in WalMart is only a detriment to those of us who want our rights preserved for generations to come.

    Mentorship of our next generation of gun owners is the way to go, hands down.

  4. The punishments for crimes and murder should be made so severe, that maybe criminals would think twice before they committed crime. Our country is too soft on punishing criminals.

  5. I really think that some schools can minimize the actual amount of students by going straight classes online. I know there are some drawbacks to this but it’s a thought…at least for the older kids..
    And young adults.

  6. Incentivize and stop the wholesale demonization of firearms. Bring firearm introduction and safety back to the public education system.
    Give us a tax break on the lawful purchase and training to act.
    Foster people to be as comfortable with firearms as they are with any other tool or implement.

  7. I think if teachers are armed (obviously ones that choose to be) that would prevent mass shootings in schools also armed vets at doors would help, and as far as in general public first and foremoust by eliminate fun free zones and make it so there each state don’t have there own permits (constitutional carry) would help with that gun violence is bad we understand but the government is week and wants to make it harder for us and easier for criminals but they are blind to that of which they are causing! God bless and carry on!

  8. Israel put armed guards in schools in 1974 as hasn’t lost a child since. Complaining about cost is moot. Bloomberg and Soros have spent $$Billions$$ trying to remove the average American’s right to defend themselves but refuse to protect their own children with a proven solution. Oh wait, they do protect themselves with armed guards so scratch that. Only the peasants aren’t allowed to protect their own children in a public school. Elimination of Gun Free Zones (sorry Biden-not sorry) and weapons training would help reduce most of the planned mass shootings. Statistics prove that most murders are attributed to gang related activities. So to curb that nonsense, I would fast track the death penalty. Finally, stopping the media whores from bombarding the air waves with sensationalized publicity about all the shootings would help immensely. These changes should drop America’s murder rate by at least 50% and the hope is that suicidal tendencies will drop when the move in the positive direction is noticed.

  9. How about Mike Bloomberg spend his millions on PSA’s regarding securing firearms especially in households with mentally ill people in them.
    Also, those millions could go toward programs to HELP those mentally ill people.

  10. How do you stop these shootings? Stop giving out all these anti depressants and other drugs to everyone like their candy. In damn near every case, the shooter was on some form of drug. The side affects of these drugs and the shooters mental state are the problem, not the guns. The saying is true “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” I have guns, my friends and family have guns. Our guns haven’t killed anyone. The problem really isn’t that hard to solve

  11. Since man discovered the stick could be used as a weapon, man has kept weapons in the home. Take away one weapon, and man will replace it with another. We are a violent species.
    I agree with those that call for education at the youngest levels. Teach everyone of all ages what guns (and other weapons) are, and how they are to be used appropriately, as tools of defense, hunting and war.
    But that is not enough. We have lost touch with our ability to cope with difficulty. We as a society used to have thicker skin. We need to teach and praise resilience and self-restraint. Take criticism or failure with a grain of salt and move on, not retaliate with a weapon because you got your feelings hurt.

  12. Making concealed carry permits easier to obtain by qualified/good citizens is a good solution. Making that a Federal Law is even better. We must have all States on board with this, and forced if necessary. If criminals think there are potentially concealed handguns everywhere they go, most will not try to use a gun to commit a crime, and Law Enforcement will be more relaxed knowing that being late to a 911 call will be less likely to result in a deadly situation.

  13. While the cost of putting more armed guards in schools would be tremendous, what is the cost of one child’s life. The school administration should work it’s way down with cuts to find money. The schools should do more to prevent weapons from getting on campus’s. Metal detectors, x-rays & last of all searches. Yes, I would rather have my kid searched as they enter the school than have him end up dead. Allow any teacher who is willing to be armed. Have them trained in gun safety and situation response. Tighter security at any public gatherings and workplaces. Once again the cost would be high, but if anyone sues someone else, how much money is that going to cost someone. Allow conceal & carry. If you knew that there would be a chance that someone would be armed and try and stop you from shooting up a school or workplace, public building, or government building, maybe that make them stop and rethink their actions.

  14. How do we stop shootings without infringing our rights?
    We stop Government from infringing our rights.
    “…shall not be infringed”
    does not Mean it is OK to Ban, License, Regulate and Tax fully automatic fire arms.
    does not mean it is OK to Ban, License, Regulate and Tax explosives
    does not mean it is OK to Ban, License, Regulate and Tax missiles
    does not mean it is OK to Ban, License, Regulate and Tax even Nuclear Warheads.
    it means “…shall not be infringed”.
    God created Man Samuel Colt made them equal.
    When you disarm some with laws you the ones that no longer Equal.

  15. Guns don’t kill people: People do.. We’ll never get anywhere in a society where the actions of humans are not constrained. The simplest approach is to make real the consequences for bad behav ior with a firearm. Require every gun owner to demonstrate knowledge of safe use of a weapon, require the firearms user obtain a operator permit much like a driver’s license, and carry liability insurance… just in case of an “accident”. Buy a tag for every firearm you decide to operate. Guns are like cars… ya gotta demonstrate ya know what you’re doing with one before society lets you loose in public with one. When the cops pull you over, its always: Drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance. Guns should be no different. Who cares what, or how many you got… can we trust you know what you’re doing with what you got… and are you responsible for your actions with one?

  16. Protect the 2nd by protecting the 1st but don’t use the first unless you need to. Know what you are saying when you say it. Then if the 1st is taken away the 2nd is there to bring it back. And if the second is infringed upon. Then from my cold dead hands will you take any right from my children.

  17. Enforcement of current laws with STRICT punishment on a first offense with ever increasing penalties for repeat offenders.